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Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020

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Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020

Today we will discuss some special cabinet from “alankaram” which I like so much and I hope you also liked it and also a little bit helpful for your home décor.

You must need a cabinet for storage in your home but it is also important that it does not just look like storage but also look like home décor piece. In our home, we need various types of cabinet or storage according to space.

E.g, if we are design or décor kitchen we need crockery cabinet, bar cabinet, tv unit cabinet, in a bedroom side table, for study table bookshelf or book storage cabinet.

Here I give you some introduction of the cabinet now let’s check it out on our list of the cabinet.

Lets’ start

List of best 7 special cabinets 2020

Best for cozy corner: Mini book cabinet

Best for dining area: Chest of drawer

Best for a kitchen: Wide kitchen Storage

Best for tv unit: Media unit

Best for the bathroom: Bathroom cabinet

Best for the bedroom: Bed SideCabinet

Best for library/partition: A LibraryUnit

best for study desk: BureauDesk

Mini book cabinet

Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020

This mini-book cabinet is one of my favorite book cabinets.

Yes of course this is mini but look or aesthetically very pleasant and turquoise blue color of this cabinet gives a vibrant look. The style of the cabinet is modern because of color and traditional design.

You can put this cabinet anywhere it uplifts any space. I suggest this mini-book cabinet you can put in the cozy corner of your home because the cozy corner is a space where we like to spend time.

Mini book cabinet consumes a small space in your home.

Mini book cabinet

Chest of drawer

Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020

The feature of this cabinet is its color, the color of the cabinet is greenish-blue that gives vintage and traditional look.

An elegant storage cabinet that can fit into the bedroom, living room, study room, this chest drawer cabinet has so many drawers because of that cabinet Reduce clutter, easily access, and efficiently organize your stuff within the drawers.

One more extra feature this drawer has a Foldable tabletop which can be expanded when a larger table surface is desired.

The matte finish of the cabinet gives a classic and elegant look. A good piece for storage, you can fit everything in it. If you are a fashion blogger or you have fashion vlogger this vintage look cabinet you can use as your makeup vanity.

Chest of drawer

Wide kitchen storage

Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020
Bulky yet elegant.....

This low height solid wooden cutlery unit which you can use for crockery cabinet, tv unit, dining area. The color of this cabinet is gray which is on trending color and the material is teak wood that is popular in interior design from history.

The style of this cabinet is modern, and finishes are matt. Wide kitchen storage is a good piece to invest because of that instantly uplifts your space. Modern touch makes these pieces cool and latest pieces.

Media unit

Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020
Modern design media unit is perfect for tv unit, it has 6 drawers. the application area for this cabinet in the living room.

the exquisite angular design which gives modern style touch to this media cabinet. The finish for this cabinet is matt and the material of cabinet is teak wood. The color of this cabinet is a shade of blue which makes cool and elegant for the primary use area of your home.

Bathroom cabinet

Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020

If you are finding some cool and perfect for your bathroom cabinet this is for you because the design of the cabinet is minimal and as modern as that look chic in your bathroom area. Also, it is capable to carry tabletop washbasin.

The feature of this cabinet is this table is made of water-resistant wood. 

This the cabinet is good design, its conceal handle is perfect for minimal and modern design.

Bathroom cabinet

Bed Side Cabinet

Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020

As you read the

 name of the title bedside cabinet it has 2 drawers and a good amount of space.

Marble looking solid PU finish highlighted part of the cabinet which directly uplifts space.

Wooden leg gives a modern contemporary touch to the cabinet.

The finish of this cabinet is matt and the material used to make the cabinet is solid wood.  This cabinet is fulfilling all requirements of the side table. If you want to invest a really good piece of the cabinet this is perfect for you.

Bedside cabinet

A Library Unit

Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020

Square colorful patterns on the cabinet front make cabinet vibrant and attractive. The piece of this cabinet can be used as a decorative unit or partition living room.

A Small and triangle handle gives minimal and aesthetic vibe to this cabinet. The style of this cabinet is contemporary and modern design.

This piece of the cabinet is huge and heavy, heavy in the sense of attractive so you don’t need to put anything this cabinet, itself uplift the space.

A library unit

Bureau Desk

Best 7 special cabinet for your home 2020

Perfect for a study desk or tea table. It has enough space for storage so that you can use it in a dining or office.

Perfect for home office desk because when you are work from home you need so much storage space.

This is a foldable table so that this cabinet consumes less space because of that you can place this table anywhere, where ever you want.

It can be used as a multifunction storage desk you can use as a small bar cabinet or as newspaper /magazine holders. The color of this table is a natural teak finish and dark blue.

Bureau Desk

Special cabinet... If you want that your house is looking different from other then one of these cabinets is in your home.

I hope this is helpful for you gays. if this helps you pls like share and follow me, comment down below. it encouraging me.

Thank you for your all support.

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